Performance Data Service

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Support and guidance regarding pupil data, statutory returns and performance analysis.

Services provided:

Primary school Key Stage Assessment Reports – reports sent before the end of the Summer term for school records. These reports have proven to be very important in the checking process to ensure that Key Stage data has been submitted correctly for every pupil. These include:

  • EYFS Summary and Pupil reports
  • Phonics Summary and Pupil reports
  • Key Stage 1 Summary and Pupil reports
  • Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessment Summary and Pupil reports (provided that data has been submitted to NCA tools 24 hours before the deadline) 

 Emerging National Data for EYFS, Phonics and KS1 – Official data from DfE is published in the Autumn term. We will provide schools with emerging national figures in the Summer term to provide an early indication of these figures, based on national submissions available at that time.

Emerging Progress Analysis between KS1 and KS2 – Official data from DfE is published in the Autumn term. We will provide schools with a progress summary report and a progress pupil level report in the Summer term to provide an early indication of these figures, based on national submissions available at that time.

Primary school data pack – an invaluable tool for understanding all aspects of data related to your school, including latest assessment results, trends and comparative data.  Highly praised by Ofsted inspectors when visiting Warrington schools, stating that is contains all of the information that they need.

Access and support for FFT - if purchased via the LA you will receive support setting up FFT accounts for staff and using and interpreting the FFT Aspire system for monitoring results and setting targets.

Collaborate Attainment reports – The Performance SLA includes the option to produce collaborative attainment reports through FFT, ideal for comparisons across Multi-Academy Trusts Collaborate users can access self-evaluation data dashboards for the group as a whole as well as for individual schools within the group.*requires agreement between relevant and participating schools. The relevant form can be downloaded from My School Services/Performance Data SLA/FFT Aspire.

Reporting by Cluster  - LA and school level summary reports for a cluster of schools are available upon request for all key stages. This service is particularly useful for a group of schools working together or MATs who wish to see aggregated data for all schools. Reports will show an average for the group of schools as well as individual summaries for each school (no pupil level data is shared as part of this reporting). The reports will also provide LA and national data for benchmarking. A data sharing agreement will need to be signed by all schools to be included in the cluster before set up – the form can be downloaded from My School Services/Performance Data SLA/Useful Documents.

Perspective Lite account – Perspective Lite is a tool for schools enabling you to run a series of attainment and census reports for performance benchmarking. Includes Infographics, telling the story of your school on 1 page and Watchsted alerts, visualising the latest Ofsted inspection data from all over the country. A School log in and support in system use will be provided.

Pupil data maintenance – Data checking and data cleansing to ensure accuracy and validity of schools data. Weekly reports are sent back to schools securely. This data is used by a range of services within the Council e.g. Attendance, Social Care, Admissions, Early Years, Inclusion.

Statutory returns – provide support on queries and error resolution for termly School Census, annual School Workforce Census and the end of Key Stage collections (EYFS, Phonics, KS1 and KS2 teacher assessments).

Advice and support – over the phone advice and support will be provided.

Ad hoc requests and analysis – Production of ad-hoc or additional analyses to support school improvement (e.g. for Designation Provision).

Data support for Ofsted inspections – assistance in preparing data and providing analysis for Ofsted inspections.

School Context Reports - A school level contextual report will be provided based on January School Census data, showing a breakdown of pupils on roll and the average IDACI score for each pupil characteristics group. A similar LA level report will also be provided for comparison via My School Services. The reports will be produced twice per year to schools – the first will be provided in the Summer term and a revised version in the Autumn term to include pupil premium analysis.

Inclusion in Warrington wide analysis and benchmarking – ensuring that data from schools and Academies are included in Warrington wide analysis and benchmarking for example data shared at WAPH meetings, locality meetings and used in funding bids.  Information and analysis will also be made available to other Council departments such as School Advisors, Admissions, Attendance.

School briefings - School briefings for census, school workforce census and attainment collections.  (As these briefings are provided jointly by Performance and School IT – there will be a small charge for attending these briefings unless both SLA are purchased).

Analyse School Performance (ASP) – Advice and support on interpreting reports published.
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