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Group Supervision supported by Social Care - June 2020


Children’s social care are very pleased to confirm that we will be commencing our offer of reflective group supervision for schools


What is group supervision?
Group supervision involves the use of a group setting to enable members to reflect on their work. By pooling skills, experience and knowledge, the aim of the session is to improve the skills and capability of both individuals and the group.
It is a process by which to share learning and assist in developing consistency of practice.
The goal of the session may be to solve problems, learn from others and reflect on the impact of self.

What will the groups focus?
  • covering various themes relevant to safeguarding children and supporting families (domestic abuse, parental substance misuse, abuse/neglect.)
  • Focused sessions around self-care and development (stress and resilience, conflict resolution, effective communication, maintaining an empathic approach.)


How will this benefit schools?

Offer a safe space for reflection, acknowledging the highly emotive and challenging nature of working with children and families in need of support.
Focus on the emotional impact on professionals as humans first.
Offer opportunity to learn from best practice and reflect on areas for development.
Focus and reflect on specific areas of practice eg. Domestic abuse, contextual safeguarding.
The group will be based around systemic practice theories, sharing learning and encouraging consistent practice across all professionals involved in safeguarding.

The groups will be supported and facilitated by Alex Woods, the Children’s Principal Social Worker.

Booking Information

Please book through myschoolservices


DSLs, Safeguarding teams

18 Jun 2020 09:30 - 11:00

Closing date: 17/06/2020
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Education Safeguarding Service
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Date and Time

18 Jun 2020 09:30 - 11:00




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