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COVID-19 Advice: Daily Attendance return - Access to DFE Sign In

Following the recent DfE request for attendance information to be returned each weekday from schools providing places to pupils and students of key workers - please note that you will need to use a DfE Sign In (Secure Access) account to return the data.

Government Publications - COVID-19 Attendance Recording

The log in details will be the same ones used to log into other DfE Secure Access services (eg Analyse School performance, Ofsted-Fetch IDSRs, S2S and (in the case of Academies) user access to COLLECT)

Every school has a DfE Sign In (Secure Access) administrator account and they are able to maintain user accounts across your school. If you are unsure of your user details, please speak to your administrator in the first instance – this is often (but not limited to) the Headteacher, Office Manager or Data Manager.

If you are unsure who your school’s administrator is, then please contact DfE’s helpdesk via this link

Please be aware that DfE response timescales to account requests are unknown at this time. Ideally, please try and locate users of Secure Access within the school in the first instance.

Unfortunately, LA colleagues are unable to set up accounts or reset passwords - this facility is maintained by the Secure Access administrators at school and DfE.

If you have any queries about the log in process, please contact the Information Management team via:   informationmanagementrequests@warrington.gov.uk

24 Mar 2020

Information Management Team, Business Intelligence
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