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Current IT Services

AUDIENCE: Schools with active WBC ICT SLAs

Update on current IT Services for Schools

At present the Schools IT Support Service are running remote support as normal, however non-essential School visits, meetings and training courses will not be taking place.

Please can we ask that you continue to log ALL support calls via Online 2200 whilst Schools remain open, Note: we currently have a high volume of support calls in our queue so we ask for your patience and understanding  – Faults and Requests will be prioritised in order of severity and, at this point, we are still working towards our published SLA targets, where possible:

  • Incident (Fault)- Critical:   Target Resolution 4 working hours (Example of call types: All ICT Services down for all Schools)
  • Incident (Fault)- High: Target Resolution 10 working hours (Example of call types: An element of ICT Services down for all Schools or all ICT Services down for individual School)
  • Incident (Fault)- Standard: Target Resolution 5 working days (Example of call types: An ICT Service has stopped working for individual School)
  • Service Requests: Target Resolution  10 working days (Example of call types: Assistance / Advice / Request for new Service e.g. Remote Access)
  • IMACs (install, move, add, change): 10 working days or to be agreed with the customer (Example of call types: Assistance with installation of 3rd party hardware/software)

Big pieces of work, non-urgent requests and changes will be reviewed regularly and customers will be updated around these in due course.

In the event of Schools closing please can we offer the following advice:
·       The Schools ICT Support Service will continue to run, staffing levels permitting – we will inform you of any changes to this if necessary.
·       We will update Schools via email and publish articles on My School Services: http://www.myschoolservices.co.uk/ as and when required.
·       Where possible, Faults and Requests should be logged via Online 2200. For users without Remote Access, we will monitor the ICTSchoolsTeam@warrington.gov.uk mailbox more often during periods of Schools closure – please ensure you provide a contact number if you require a call back.
·       Each School should already have Business Continuity plans that include IT solutions, but please can we just ensure you are clear about the different services we offer that may be required during School Closures:

         - Remote Access to Outlook Email is a cloud based version of Outlook available to all users with WBC supported Outlook email addresses. Guidance available: https://secure2.sla-online.co.uk/v3/Resources/Page/1062

        - Remote Access Service allows you to access the School's Admin Network from anywhere, including non-school devices. It allows you access to SIMS, FMS, Outlook, Online 2200 and Gendata. Guidance available: https://secure2.sla-online.co.uk/v3/Resources/Page/1062   Note: This is a chargeable service that needs to have a license purchased and needs to be setup by the Team before it can be used. The School server needs to be powered on for this service to work. If you have requested this service in the last week please be patient with the Team as we work through the Requests.

Please Note: SIMS In The Classroom is a service that allows Staff to access SIMS from the Curriculum Network. This service will not work from home.

17 Mar 2020

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