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School Admissions – School Appeal Representation

As recently shared at primary and secondary Headteacher meetings, the school admissions team is now able to offer a school appeal representation service.

When an admission authority is unable to offer a place to a parent/carer who has applied, the right of appeal must be offered.

When a parent/carer chooses to appeal, it is the responsibility of the admission authority to prepare a case setting out the schools current position including detailed information in relation to the school such as:

·         The school building and net capacity
·         Organisation of classes
·         Staffing
·         School Characteristics
·         Ofsted Inspections

It is also important to reference the statutory requirements which all state funded school must adhere to as well as local school admission policies.

A representative of the school must attend the appeal to present the case and answer any questions which the appellant and independent appeals panel may have.

The school appeal representation service includes the following benefits:

·         Background preparation for individual appeal hearings
·         Submission of statement of case within the statutory timescales
·         Representing the school in person at the independent appeal hearing
·         Where appropriate, take legal advice on behalf of the school
·         Dealing with complaints/enquiries about the appeals process
·         In the case of a complaint to the Education Funding Agency or Local Government Ombudsman, prepare a draft response for admission authority’s approval


The school appeal representation service does not include provision of the following:

·         Making arrangements for, or meeting the costs of the independent appeal panel
·         Room hire for the appeal
·         Clerking services
·         Charges for interpreting services


For more information, please contact Catherine Thompson on 01925 442948 or by emailing

14 May 2019

Catherine Thompson
School Admissions and Appeal Representation
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