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Information Governance
Reducing risks and fulfilling legal requirements
Information Governance is the framework for handling all types of information in a well-managed, confidential and secure manner. It ensures that information is processed and handled in accordance with...

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Graffiti Classics Educational Music Workshops-
20 Feb
Graffiti Classics are a Comedy Classical String Quartet that are ripping up the rule book to make classical music fun and accessible for all. They have a fantastic outreach program and provide educational workshops to schools and colleges throughout the UK. They hope to inspire the next generation of musicians and composers and their aim is to bring their interactive workshop and concert into more schools in 2020. We know that schools are struggling to fund workshops like these and are approaching Music Hubs to see if we could collaborate to allow Graffiti Classics to go into more schools in your area. This quartet of classically-trained musicians are all highly-skilled workshop leaders, drawing from the best of both aural and visual worlds, creating an unforgettable and educational experience for children of all ages and abilities. All workshops are tailored around the National Curriculum’s music syllabus and can be a bespoke workshop best suited to the venue. Children will leave our performances having learnt about:? ???The String Family? Musical Terms Dynamics Time Signatures Rhythmic Clapping Each individual instrument and it’s attributes Composers and Musical Styles Colours and Textures in the music? Separate performances to different age groups are offered within the same school on the same day. Graffiti Classics can perform to up to 250 children in 1 workshop and offer up to 4 workshops a day. You won't have the expense and hassle of transporting the children to an outside venue and at the end of the day, the whole school or college can enjoy one of Graffiti Classics' interactive virtuoso concerts. Graffiti Classics Show Reel?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3_rgXjUtHs&feature=youtu.be Graffiti Classics is perfect for introducing youngsters to the wonderful world of music. It would be an educational and enjoyable experience for all. For more info on the educational workshops, please go to http://www.graffiticlassics.com/show/educational-workshops or please email Kyra Williams kyra@graffiticlassics.com for more info.
Music Education Consulation from Department for Education
11 Feb
The Department of Education are seeking views on Music Education, to inform their proposals for the refresh of the National Plan for Music Education. This consultation seeks the views of all parties with an interest in Music Education including: Parents and carers Young people Primary schools Secondary schools Further Education (FE) and sixth-form colleges School and college staff, including governors National and local voluntary and community organisations providing musical activities for children and young people Music education hubs and other music services Musicians Employers in the music industry Other educational professionals including academics and researchers Please share this link as widely as possible with anyone who may have an invested interest in the future of Music Education: https://consult.education.gov.uk/curriculum-implementation-unit/music-education-call-for-evidence/
Information Governance Support for Schools
06 Feb
Due to a number of requests from schools and a successful trial of this service, we are pleased to offer a new service to schools from 2020-2021. The support service will help your school deal with Data Protection and Freedom of Information queries. All schools in Warrington are responsible for ensuring that they comply with the requirements of both the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 and the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) 2000. Schools process information in a number of ways to meet statutory requirements and to improve the quality/standard of their provision. Information is shared with the LEA, examination boards, parents, governors and other bodies. Schools hold information about children and adults and in doing so must follow the requirements of the Data Protection Act. The Information Governance team providing this service are highly experienced in both the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR), Freedom Information Act 2000 and other related legislation. Schools who purchase this service will receive comprehensive advice and support to help their school to comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR), Freedom Information Act 2000 and related legislation. This service will support your school (especially your Data Protection Officer) to deal with freedom of information requests, data breaches, subject access requests, data protection queries and requirements. It will also help the school mitigate against any potential action by the Information Commissioners Office. The service runs from 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021, and the cost is £300 (early bird discounts are available for purchases between 07/02/20 and 09/03/20). The following is included: - 1 year SLA - Access to a qualified DPO for advice and support via phone and email, from Monday to Friday. - No limit on the number of times you can contact us. - 15 minutes included for each query, £5 for every 5 minutes after that (this will be charged on an ad-hoc basis). - Advice will be provided on subject access requests, freedom of information requests, data breaches, data protection queries and requirements. - Regular updates, news and alerts regarding the data protection and freedom of information world (e.g. changes in legislation and ICO news). - On-site support, subject to our availability, can be provided for an additional charge (estimates for this can be provided in advance, based on a rate of £45 an hour). The Information Governance SLA can be purchased by logging into My School Services > Click on "Services" at top of page > the type "Information Governance" into search bar. If you have any questions regarding this service please do not hesitate to contact WBC's Information Governance Team via informationgovernance@warrington.gov.uk, or call 01925 442405/2126.
Step by Step Guidelines !!
04 Feb
We have had a number of updates to the online portal over the past few months. So to make it easier for our customers we have updated our step by step guidelines for processes and created an easy to access resource page to view them all in one place. All step by step guidelines can now by accessed by logging into the system and clicking on: Resources (at the top of the page) > Step by Step Guidelines. You will find guidelines on all the popular processes such as; how to purchase SLA’s and Services, how to make, amend and cancel Training bookings, how to run off finance reports and details on how to update your profile settings and alerts. If you think it would be useful for us to add any additional guidelines to the resource page then please email the details to Stephen McNulty: smcnulty@warrington.gov.uk
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Training & Events

25 Feb
Safeguarding Basic Awareness: Adult Care Staff
This course has been developed for staff in direct care services and other non-direct roles who come into contact with adults. The purpose of the course is to explore the legislative and organisational responsibilities for the safeguarding of adults who could be at risk of abuse. In addition learners will explore the reporting and recording procedures that currently apply.
25 Feb
Tissue Viability 1: Wound Management
Includes the skin, wound assessment, wound healing and dressing selection
25 Feb
Tissue Viability 2: Moisture Lesions
Includes looking at management of moisture damage, skin cleansing and creams. identifying when to use emollients/ barriers/sprays
26 Feb
Basic Suicide Prevention
The training is three and a half hours long and covers: • what can make people vulnerable to suicide • warning signs to look out for • how to ask people whether they’re thinking about suicide • protective factors • recognising risk • getting help and support The session involves a PowerPoint presentation, large group discussion, small group work and exercises in pairs. Handouts are provided after the training in electronic format. The session concentrates on adults (rather than children and young people). This isn’t a therapeutic session, it’s a practical, structured training session, which offers techniques and information to enable people to feel more confident to intervene, if they think someone is suicidal. We know that at times people can find suicide prevention training difficult because of personal experiences. The training might stir up difficult feelings for some people, so we ask people to consider this and to choose a time to attend when they feel able to manage any difficult feelings that may arise for them. Information about support for people who feel suicidal, or who have been bereaved by suicide can be found on www.happyoksad.org.uk